> Are you suggesting to add an additional piece of work to the already
> behind schedule 8.3 timeline when there's already this idea floating
> around to overhaul the entire contrib structure in 8.4, which may very
> well make much of that work redundant?  Albert's work is cool and all, but
> from from back here where I sit I'd expect anyone in a position to
> integrate it into 8.3 properly should be working on something that's
> already on the to-do list instead.

Or the contrib overhaul may *not* get into 8.4 (ala updatable views).  Having 
the contrib stuff in the main docs would remove one of the largest barriers 
to people knowing about the contrib features.

Further, you know we don't finish the docs until beta.  Ever.

> I know I'm about to dump a big stack of 8.3 data onto the list I'd
> appreciate some attention from you on, rather than having you distracted
> cleaning up documentation that's perfectly functional for now.

What kind of data?  On bgwriter_lru autotuning?

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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