Josh Berkus wrote:

Having the contrib stuff in the main docs would remove one of the largest barriers to people knowing about the contrib features.
Using PostgreSQL since Version 7.1.3 and reading this List since - I dont't know exactly but my current archives start in 2003 which was the last time I crashed my system - Albert's work is actually the first piece of contrib documentation I ever read. I always knew about contrib but as I haven't been missing any feature in the core distribution (well - actually I've been missing PL/R until it came up - but as you know it's not in contrib ;-) I never found time to dig into the contrib directories and README's. Now that I did I'm pretty amazed about the nice features I've never thought about.
Further, you know we don't finish the docs until beta.  Ever.
Whenever you want - but do it.

I also highly appreciate Albert's Idea/Work.


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