> I'm very strongly in favor of having this documentation.  However, I think
> it might make sense to put "Contrib Modules" as a section under either
> "Reference" or "Appendices".  Also, I don't think it's necessary to make
> each command option a separate subchapter, but I can see how that would be
> hard to avoid in an automated system.

It's not an automated system, README files have different structures so it's 
all manual work. That's why I asked how you think it should be organized. 
Anyone else thinks we should put it in Reference or Appendixes?

About command options if done different things, it depends on the module I 
need to revisit this. I also think one command per subchapter isn't very 

There's also the install issue. By now it's on the introduction of the 
chapter. And I've repeated it in some of the modules, not all. Do you think 
it be better put the exact instructions for compiling and installing for each 
one? What about 'extra' notes, such us some performance tests, and so one. 
Some of the notes should probably stay in the README files, just like the 
README files that can be found in some dirs of core. So I'd keep information 
targeted to developers into the README's and general info into the main doc.

> Guys, would it be out of the question to do this in 8.3?  Please please?

I will try to have everything before 8.3. I'd like it gave very little or no 
work to core developers. If so many people is interested you can help me 
revise it before the final version.

By the way, if somebody has updated any of the contrib README files recently, 
please send me an e-mail and I'll check if I have the last changes in.

Albert Cervera i Areny

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