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You've either not read 23.4.4 or haven't understood it. If the text is unclear, documentation additions/changes are always welcome.
I have read this:

PostgreSQL directly supports file-based log shipping as described above. It is also possible to implement record-based log shipping, though this requires custom development.

We may expect that feature in later releases, but definitely not in 8.3

I wish to have an Solution, thadt backup my Database DB wihout Datalosses, without locking Tables, without Shutdown and without any User must be forced for logging out (Backup in Production State Online without Datalosses).

I'm not clear whether you are looking for Backup, or High Availability

There is no data loss with the online backup technique described in the
No, there is a lost of Data.

The WAL File musst bei generated by the Postmaster and this File must be copied to the safe Remote Backupserver. If the Machine, where the Database is running crashed, then the Last
WAL is lost and the Backup isnt complet,e this is the Center of the Problem.
If you require HA replication with zero data-loss then you are currently
restricted to non-database techniques, which you already mentioned, so
you have your answer already.
we talking about Backup this isnt the same as Replication.

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