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> High Availability
> -----------------
> - Allow a warm standby system to also allow read-only statements
> - Allow WAL traffic to be streamed to another server for stand-by
> replication (synchronous/asynchronous options)

Asynchronous streaming of WAL would be a very good feature.

Synchronous streaming where a commit doesn't return until the backup server
(or a quorum of backup servers if you have more than one) acknowledges receipt
of the logs past the commit record would be an *extremely* good feature.

Those could be broken out into two separate points. Streaming WAL is one
thing, feedback and pitr-synchronous commits would be a second point.

Knowing what WAL record the backup server had received so far and what WAL
record it had processed so far would be useful for plenty of other purposes as

> - Improve scalability of recovery for large I/O bound databases

That seems too vague for the TODO. Did you have specific items in mind?

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