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> Filebased Logship backups having a big Problem for doing continous
> Backups. You have to wait until
> the Postmaster has written the WAL File, after this you can save it to
> the Backupserver. But 1 WAL
> has a size of 16 MByte ny default! (thadt is a big Datahole in your
> "Online Backup"!)

You should read the documentation more carefully:
"archive_timeout (integer)

    The archive_command is only invoked on completed WAL segments.
Hence, if your server generates little WAL traffic (or has slack
periods where it does so), there could be a long delay between the
completion of a transaction and its safe recording in archive storage.
To put a limit on how old unarchived data can be, you can set
archive_timeout to force the server to switch to a new WAL segment
file periodically. When this parameter is greater than zero, the
server will switch to a new segment file whenever this many seconds
have elapsed since the last segment file switch. Note that archived
files that are closed early due to a forced switch are still the same
length as completely full files. Therefore, it is unwise to use a very
short archive_timeout — it will bloat your archive storage.
archive_timeout settings of a minute or so are usually reasonable.
This parameter can only be set in the postgresql.conf file or on the
server command line. "

(Taken from 

> I wish to have an Solution, thadt backup my Database DB wihout
> Datalosses,  without locking Tables, without Shutdown
> and without any User must be forced for logging out (Backup in
> Production State Online without Datalosses).

Well, there's what you want and there's what is possible. Warm standby
is definitely the best solution for your problem, even if not perfect.


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