Ühel kenal päeval, N, 2007-09-06 kell 12:53, kirjutas apoc9009:
> I wish to have an Solution, thadt backup my Database DB wihout 
> Datalosses, 

Then you need the backup record to be completed on the backup machine
before the transaction commit returns on master.

This is quaranteed to be really slow for any significant transaction
rate but can be done using DRBD.

>  without locking Tables, 

No backup I know of needs locking tables

> without Shutdown 

This one I just don't understand. Shtdown what ?

> without any User must be forced for logging out (Backup in 
> Production State Online without Datalosses). 

So you want the user to still be connected to the failed machine, but at
the same time be connected to the new live failover machine ?


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