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Backup 12/24/2008 Version 2
/pg/backup/12_24_2008/base/rcvry.rcv    <--- Basebackup
/pg/backup/12_24_2008/changes/0001.chg  <--- Changed Data
                     /changes/0002.chg  <--- Changed Data
                     /changes/0003.chg  <--- Changed Data
                     /changes/0010.chg  <--- Changed Data
                     /changes/0001.rsf  <---  Recovery

Stripeset File (10 MByte) addon of Basebackup
                    delete *.chg

if a Stripeset of 10 *.chg Files exist, they should be converted or merged
to one bigger *.rsf Stripesetfile (to prevent for having Millions *.chg)

Why?  What does this actually do?
This is the Structure on FTP-Site of the Backupserver! Not locally where the Postmaster runs on!

Locally the Postmaster can create a basebackup (rcvry.rcv) then the FTP-Deamon logs on to the
Remote FTP-Backupserver and Uploads this File to keep it save:

/pg/backup/12_24_2008/base/rcvry.rcv    <--- Basebackup

At the Next:
If a New Record at the Database was written, then the Postmaster locally creates

A change File named: "0001.chg"

After thits the locally FTP-Deamon transfers this File to

/pg/backup/12_24_2008/changes/0001.chg  <--- Changed Data


/pg/backup/12_24_2008/changes/0002.chg  <--- Changed Data
/pg/backup/12_24_2008/changes/0003.chg  <--- Changed Data
/pg/backup/12_24_2008/changes/0010.chg  <--- Changed Data

Then the FTP-Backupdeamon merged the last 10.x  *.chg Files to one greater
*.RSF File "Online while logged into the FTP-Backupserver" and Delete Online
the Last 10 *.chg Files (after this the Last 10.x *.chg Files, created by the Postmaster
can be deleted localy where the Postmaster runs).

The Benefit:
If the Machine where the Database run on having a Mailfunction, then the Last Record
of the Databasecatalouge is backed up to an *.chg or *. RSF File.

Thadt my Idea of this


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