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> Andrew Sullivan schrieb:
> >It seems that what you want is near-real-time online backups with _no
> >cost_, which is not a feature that I think anyone will ever work on.  
> >A
> 100% Correct!
> I think anyone commit the Statement, thadt a Databases is a very 
> imported Part of Software
> for a wide range of Peoples. It is absoluty normaly thadt thoose Peoples 
> who using Databases having the Wish to have
> there Data save and up to Date until to the Last Record of a Customer 
> (for Example: A Order form a Onlineshop).

Ah, but that's not what you asked (at least not as I interpreted it).
You see, postgres does what you want if there's a simple power failure.
Everything committed stays committed. You can protect against disk
failure with RAID arrays also.  What it sounds like is that you want to
protect from someone blowing up your storage system. 

I think you need to step back and work out exactly what you are
protecting against. Because it looks like your suggestion won't protect
against a meteor stike on your data centre and 100km surrounding.

Tell us what you are protecting against, then you can get some more
useful answers.

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