We're so close I can almost taste it ... Here are the open tasks
I can see, does anyone have others?

* Review the one remaining patch from Simon that's on Bruce's patch
queue page
(Everything else on that page is either dealt with, mentioned explicitly
below, or simply a documentation improvement issue, which need not
hold up beta1.)

* Deal with the "#define FRONTEND" issue that Hiroshi Saito is working
on (see "Warning is adjusted of pgbench" thread).

* Decide whether we need to change CSVLOG output to emit virtual XIDs
instead of, or perhaps in addition to, regular XIDs.  I'm of the opinion
that this has to happen, but there didn't seem much enthusiasm for it

* Pending patches for pre-existing bugs in contrib/pgcrypto --- this
doesn't seem like a beta-stopper anyway.

* What are we going to do with contrib/tsearch2?  Probably not a beta
stopper either, but it needs to be decided.

* Do we bump the .so major version number for libpq?  I think we should
because there are two new exported functions since 8.2, and on at least
some platforms there's nothing else than major number to disambiguate
whether a client needs these or not.  Comments?

* Draft release notes --- can't really ship a beta without these,
else beta testers won't know what to test.  Traditionally this has
taken a fair amount of time, but I wonder whether we couldn't use
for at least the first cut.

I think we could possibly release 8.3beta1 on Monday, or certainly
next week sometime.  And I don't know about anyone else, but I'm
antsy to get this thing out the door ...

                        regards, tom lane

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