Magnus Hagander schrieb:
On Sun, Sep 30, 2007 at 11:30:35PM -0400, Andrew Dunstan wrote:
Tom Lane wrote:
This morning's ecpg patch certainly seems to have been snake-bit.
Although the Windows gcc buildfarm members seem happy, the MSVC ones
are all failing with

Creating library Release\libecpg\libecpg.lib and object Release\libecpg\libecpg.exp
       libecpg.exp : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol [EMAIL PROTECTED]
.\Release\libecpg\libecpg.dll : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals

I see that DllMain() got added to misc.c, so it's not obvious what's
wrong here.  Some adjustment needed in the MSVC build scripts maybe?

It is building with thread.c but it should not be unless I am misreading

It's been building with thread.c before this patch. And the problem doesn't
go away if you ermove thread.c.

The problem seems to be that it tries to export a decorated DllMain
([EMAIL PROTECTED]) which is listed in the object file, but it's unable to 
it. Will need to dig further.

The reason it doesn't happen on mingw is likely the horrible kludge that is
export-all-symbols-in-all-files that we've only partially been able to

Since this is an actual API library, perhaps a proper fix is to create a
.def file listing the exports in it, the same way we do for libpq? And then
we could (should!) also filter the exports the same ways as we do for libpq
these days.

(see the exports.txt file in libpq)

I'll try to find time to look forther at this meanwhile, but if someone can
confirm that donig an explicit export list is a good way to go, I can
confirm that donig that fixes the build problem :-)


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According to:

Module-Definition (.def) File EXPORT

whitespace is required between the name and the ordinal in a
.def-file, hence in the .def-file DllMain @12 should be used
instead of [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Therefor I think the fix should be addressed in tools/msvc/, see attached diff.

Anyway there is just a single occurence of an ordinal in the .def-files:

$ grep '@' `find -name "*.def"`
./libecpg/LIBECPG.def:  DllMain @12

The ordinal 12 seems to be the default for DllMain.


*** ../pgsql-cvshead/src/tools/msvc/	Thu May  3 16:04:03 2007
--- src/tools/msvc/	Wed Oct  3 00:53:23 2007
*** 38,43 ****
--- 38,46 ----
          next if $pieces[6] =~ /^__NULL_IMPORT/;
          next if $pieces[6] =~ /^\?\?_C/;
+ 	# whitespace required between name and ordinal
+ 	$pieces[6] =~ s/@/ @/;
          push @def, $pieces[6];
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