On Oct 9, 2007, at 0:06 , Bruce Momjian wrote:

I am surprised we are not backing
out the patch and requiring that the patch go through the formal review

I have no opinion as to the patch itself (other than the fact that it's a not bug fix), but I think this patch should be reverted because it's (a) after feature freeze, (b) had no discussion on hackers (or patches), (c) is not a bug fix. IMO rules can be bent but there should always at least be discussion before a new feature is committed after feature freeze and definitely after beta. Otherwise, the rule appears to be if you can get it in somehow, it's in.

Again, I have no opinion regarding the patch itself, and these issues are regardless of who commits or submits. Personally, I regard Jan as a helpful guy and a solid coder who has contributed a lot to PostgreSQL in the past and I'm sure will contribute even more in the future.

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