Simon Riggs wrote:

Personally, I want to see Jan contribute more, not less. The link with
Slony and related replication technology is critically important to
Postgres, which is why Jan has spent so long on it.
Generally we should be encouraging everybody to contribute; the project
must have an orientation towards action and growth if we are to survive.
If Jan had not done this, would there have been a storm of protest?


Having said that, the fact that the discussion happened in a forum other than -hackers is clearly something to be avoided in future (ISTR something similar happening with some changes coming from Bizgres a while ago). I don't know how we can avoid this sort of thing happening every now and again, except to encourage folk to include -hackers in their discussions before sending the final patch in (Bruce and others have stated this previously - maybe we need to re-iterate it few weeks *before* every feature freeze...)



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