Hiroshi Saito wrote:
> Hi.
> From: "Magnus Hagander" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>> But, Please see.
>>> http://winpg.jp/~saito/pg83/pg83b1-err3.txt
>>> Japanese_Japan.65001 is error...
>>> Japanese_Japan is true.
>> Yes, that is expected. If you explicitly ask for the .65001 locale it
>> will try the one that doesn't have the proper NLS files, and that
>> shouldn't work. If you just put in Japanese_Japan, it will use the UTF16
>> locale.
> Umm, As for result ... initdb -E UTF8 --locale=Japanese_Japan -D../data
> http://winpg.jp/~saito/pg83/pg83b1-err4.txt
> It seems that it is only complemented.

Yes, that is expected, though not entirely to my tastes. The cluster
should still actually be in utf-8 however.


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