I wrote:
> Maybe "aword", "word", and "numword"?

Does the lack of response mean people are satisfied with that?

Fleshing the proposal out to include the hyphenated-word categories:

aword           All ASCII letters
word            All letters according to iswalpha()
numword         Mixed letters and digits (all iswalnum())

ahword          Hyphenated word, all ASCII letters
hword           Hyphenated word, all letters
numhword        Hyphenated word, mixed letters and digits

apart_hword     Part of hyphenated word, all ASCII letters
part_hword      Part of hyphenated word, all letters
numpart_hword   Part of hyphenated word, mixed letters and digits

(As an example, "foo-beta1" is a numhword, with component tokens
"foo" an aword and "beta1" a numword.  This is how it works now
modulo the redefinition of the base categories.)

I'm not totally thrilled with these short names for the hyphenation
categories, but they will seem at least somewhat familiar to users
of contrib/tsearch2, and it's probably not worth changing them just
to make them look prettier.

                        regards, tom lane

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