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> > On Mon, 22 Oct 2007, Tom Lane wrote:

> > I personally think that shorting the minor release cycle time too
> > far is counterproductive anyway.  From the DBA and system
> > administrator perspective, new version releases are a giant QA and
> > maintenance mess. Better to have less of them that each add larger
> > features rather than a more regular stream of small ones from where
> > I'm sitting.
> +1. Shorter release cycles are maybe good for fancy GUI oriented
> applications, but not so good for DBMS.

Well my original post was only an example. Consider that it could be 1
month, 8 months, 2 years...

The point is there is specific "feature freeze".

We develop and commit like normal *until* the community feels there is
enough for release. Then we announce a feature freeze.

The idea here is that... I could easily argue that 8.3 is enough of a
release with *just* HOT and TSearch2. Or that all the other stuff is
enough for a release without HOT and Tsearch2.

So why did we waste all summer reviewing HOT and TSearch2? We could
have released... (That isn't to say that HOT and Tsearch2 are worth the
effort, they obviously are). After release of 8.3, we could have picked
up immediately on HOT and Tsearch2 and perhaps released 8.4 with other
incrementals in about a month.

There is nothing wrong with that in the least. People "can" choose not
to run a particular version of software, further the community "can"
determine which versions of PostgreSQL will be supported for our
traditional 3+ years.

Joshua D. Drake

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