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Really? I just started playing around with git, and the output from git diff produced the same kind of diff file I would normally get from `svn di`
... which is a unified diff.

or `cvs di -c`.
Huh, strange.  That's a context diff.

Right. I was confusing unified and context, because the unified diffs I'm looking at do actually show "context" lines above and below each change. Sorry for the noise.

You can get git to produce a context diff by using GIT_EXTERNAL_DIFF to specify
an external diff program. I use a little shell script called, containing:
diff --context=5 -L a/$1 -L b/$1 -p $2 $5
exit 0
and then create a diff with: git diff <head to diff against>

Just in case you wondered - writing that script as just "exec diff ..." fails,
because diff seems to exit with a nonzero exitcode if the files differ, and "git
diff" aborts in that case...

regards, Florian Pflug

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