> It's still true that I'm leery of a large increase in the number of
> buffers without reengineering slru.c.  That code was written on the
> assumption that there were few enough buffers that a linear search
> would be fine.  I'd hold still for 16, or maybe even 32, but I dunno
> how much impact that will have for such a test case.

Actually, 32 made a significant difference as I recall ... do you still have 
the figures for that, Jignesh?

The test case is a workload called "iGen" which is a "fixed" TPCC-like 
workload.  I've been trying to talk Sun into open-sourcing it, but no dice so 
far.  It is heavy on writes, and (like TPCC) consists mostly of one-line 

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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