Here is what I did:

I started aggregating all read information:

First I also had added group by pid (arg0,arg1, pid) and the counts were all coming as 1

Then I just grouped by filename and location (arg0,arg1 of reads) and the counts came back as

# cat read.d
#!/usr/sbin/dtrace -s
   @read[fds[arg0].fi_pathname, arg1] = count();

# ./read.d
dtrace: script './read.d' matched 1 probe

/export/home0/igen/pgdata/pg_clog/0014 -2753028293472 1 /export/home0/igen/pgdata/pg_clog/0014 -2753028277088 1 /export/home0/igen/pgdata/pg_clog/0015 -2753028244320 2 /export/home0/igen/pgdata/pg_clog/0015 -2753028268896 14 /export/home0/igen/pgdata/pg_clog/0015 -2753028260704 25 /export/home0/igen/pgdata/pg_clog/0015 -2753028252512 27 /export/home0/igen/pgdata/pg_clog/0015 -2753028277088 28 /export/home0/igen/pgdata/pg_clog/0015 -2753028293472 37

FYI  I pressed ctrl-c within like less than a second

So to me this seems that multiple processes are reading the same page from different pids. (This was with about 600 suers active.

Aparently we do have a problem that we are reading the same buffer address again. (Same as not being cached anywhere or not finding it in cache anywhere).

I reran lock wait script on couple of processes and did not see CLogControlFileLock as a problem..

# ./83_lwlock_wait.d 14341

            Lock Id            Mode           Count
      WALInsertLock       Exclusive               1
      ProcArrayLock       Exclusive              16

            Lock Id   Combined Time (ns)
      WALInsertLock               383109
      ProcArrayLock            198866236

# ./83_lwlock_wait.d 14607

            Lock Id            Mode           Count
      WALInsertLock       Exclusive               2
      ProcArrayLock       Exclusive              15

            Lock Id   Combined Time (ns)
      WALInsertLock                55243
      ProcArrayLock             69700140


What will help you find out why it is reading the same page again?


Jignesh K. Shah wrote:
I agree with Tom.. somehow I think increasing NUM_CLOG_BUFFERS is just avoiding the symptom to a later value.. I promise to look more into it before making any recommendations to increase NUM_CLOG_BUFFERs.

Because though "iGen" showed improvements in that area by increasing num_clog_buffers , EAStress had shown no improvements.. Plus the reason I think this is not the problem in 8.3beta1 since the Lock Output clearly does not show CLOGControlFile as to be the issue which I had seen in earlier case. So I dont think that increasing NUM_CLOG_BUFFERS will change thing here.

Now I dont understand the code pretty well yet I see three hotspots and not sure if they are related to each other * ProcArrayLock waits - causing Waits as reported by 83_lockwait.d script * SimpleLRUReadPage - causing read IOs as reported by iostat/rsnoop.d
* GetSnapshotData - causing CPU utilization  as reported by hotuser

But I will shut up and do more testing.


Tom Lane wrote:
Josh Berkus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Actually, 32 made a significant difference as I recall ... do you still have the figures for that, Jignesh?

I'd want to see a new set of test runs backing up any call for a change
in NUM_CLOG_BUFFERS --- we've changed enough stuff around this area that
benchmarks using code from a few months back shouldn't carry a lot of

            regards, tom lane

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