On Sun, 26 Aug 2001, Rene Pijlman wrote:

> While working on the executeBatch() patch I noticed that the
> JDBC 2 test suite with current CVS code generates 9
> errors/failures. Some of these errors appear to be caused by
> tests that do not create their own tables.

With the tables added it's still around 6-7 tests that fail.

> Before I dive into this and fix the test suite, I just wanted to
> check if someone else has already looked into this. Any
> information about the status of the test suite?

Since it's non-obvious how to initialize it and how to use it, very few
have. :-) Most recently some updates in DatabaseMetaData broke some test

Ideally we should be able to extract parts of the test suite that could be
run without connecting to a backend. It would then be possible to at least
run those parts of the tests in "make".

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