On Wed, Aug 29, 2001 at 08:08:58PM +0200, Anders Bengtsson wrote:

> Actually, we're not talking about Sun's test suite. :-) But now that you
> mention it...

Ok, I see the one that you're talking about. I never knew it was there.
Now to play with it :)

> Could Sun's tests be used as a kind of regression tests as well? Then
> their tests could be the only black-box test suite we'll need!

Ehmm..I've been looking Sun's test suite, but one has to realize that
their test suite is testing for JDBC compliance at the J2EE level, which
is more stringent than normal JDBC 2. It's useful to have, but it's
definately not the only suite we'll need.

> There is already a small unit test suite in the CVS. But it haven't been
> kept up to date with recent changes in the drivers, and it's a bit hard
> to use (thus the need for a how-to).
> The tests use the tool JUnit (http://www.junit.org), that is originally
> intended for one-class-at-a-time testing. On their site is a lot of good
> texts about this kind of unit testing.

I'll take a look at these. Thanks for the pointers,


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