On Sun, 26 Aug 2001, Rene Pijlman wrote:

> This is probably true, but once you have your environment setup
> (including a test database, password etc.) its just a matter of
> typing "make check".
> Would a brief How-to help?

Yes! :)

> >Ideally we should be able to extract parts of the test suite that could be
> >run without connecting to a backend. It would then be possible to at least
> >run those parts of the tests in "make".
> I'm not sure if that would be useful. Its a reasonable
> requirement for a database driver test suite that there actually
> is a database to test against :-)

It's not as crazy as it sounds. :-) The driver as a whole must of course
be tested against a real database. But many of the classes that it is made
up of could be verified on their own with unit tests. This kind of testing
catches most of the small "silly" bugs that seem to be the most common
kind of bug.

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