> I guess I can make an argument either way.  The real way to answer this is to
> ask if one cares if you can build the JDBC driver on window's only platform
> without cygwin installed.  
>   -If the answer is no, that one wouldn't build the JDBC driver without building
>    the rest of postgresql, then the build process should be tied to make, like
>    the rest of postgresql, for simplisity in maintence.
>   -However, if the JDBC driver should be able to be built without having to
>    build postgresql, (on platforms without UNIX-compatiablity layer like cygwin)
>    for client use only, then yes, use Ant to achive platform-independance.

One significant issue here is that unlike our other binaries, the JAR
files run on any platform so they don't really need to compile in MS
Win.  They can just download it from a web site or we could ship the
jdbc JAR ourselves.

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