* Peter Eisentraut <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
| > Seriously would installing GNU Make be enough, or would you need to install
| > Cygwin and other packages as well ?
| GNU make runs natively on Windows.

I know and I've used GNU Make when working with Windows, but that taught
me that you often need alot more than GNU Make to port a makefile to Windows.

Maybe maintaining two versions would be the best, ie. Make is used
when building the distribution and Ant makefiles are provided for the
convenience of users that think Ant works better. 

Then you could probably setup some very simple Makefile without full
dependency graph(if you want that you need rely on a tool like jikes
to generate it for you).  That basically means that you need to
recompile all *.java files when you have edited one Java file. 

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