I don't like this patch.  If anything I think we should remove the 
dependency on ANT, not remove the dependency on make.

By requiring ANT, we provide yet another hurdle for someone wanting to 
use JDBC with postgres.  I would prefer that the build environment be 
the same for the database as for the jdbc code.

Anything that makes it more difficult to download the source and get 
going with it is a negative in my opinion.  And from my perspective 
requiring the download of an additional tool (ANT in this case) makes it 
more difficult.

I already know that some binary distributions of postgres do not include 
JDBC simply because it is too complex to get ANT installed in their 
build environment. (complex perhaps isn't the right word, but it is more 
work than they are willing to put in for a small feature of postgres).


Marko Kreen wrote:

> I dusted a old patch that integrates Ant better with
> autoconf.  It creates a file src/ant.cfg.in to pass
> autoconf parameters to Ant.  Now Ant can be used directly,
> without going through Makefile.
> 'install.directory' is still passed in Makefile to keep
> DESTDIR working.

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