> > * In Ant the build file will be much less complex
> >   than a Makefile with same functionality.  And same
> >   time in Ant it is much easier to check local
> >   Java internal setup.
> I agree that this is true, but I think a much better job can be done to 
> minimize the added complexity.  I have looked at the old makefile and it 
> was quite complex.  But I have ideas on how to reduce that complexity.
> Basically I want to trade off a little more complexity on the part of 
> the developers of jdbc, for less complexity for users to install and build.

I don't mind either way really, but I don't see why the makefile should
need to be so complex. One option is also since Postgresql uses configure
to build, we can use configure to help us detect whatever we need to 
if --with-java is turned on and set suitable options/paths etc in the makefile.
That said I haven't really looked at the current build process for the driver.

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