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"Ron Mayer" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Tom wrote: 
>> I doubt anyone is using it, because it's completely undocumented.
>> If we're going to support the real ISO spec, I'd suggest ripping
>> out any not-quite-there variant.

> I'm happy to look into it.  Rip out completely?  Ifdef? 

"Rip" was what I had in mind --- the idea is to simplify the code,
which you will surely agree is too complicated as it stands.  ifdefs
won't simplify the code or make it more understandable, rather the

I have no problem with complex code when it's needed, but in this case
the ptype implementation of almost-ISO notation seems to me to affect
much more of the code than it has any right to on a usefulness basis.

                        regards, tom lane

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