Claudio Natoli wrote:
> > BTW, how are we going to do cancels in Windows-land?  The sub-postmaster
> > isn't gonna have access to the postmaster's list of child PIDs and 
> > cancel keys ...
> Good question (the Win32/EXEC_BACKEND case is #def'd out to issue an
> altogether unhelpful abort(), so I know it is there).
> The only things I've thought of so far are:
> a) sticking the PID/cancel key list in shared mem [yeech]
> b) rearranging the entire cancel handling to occur in the postmaster [double
> yeech]

As I remember, the only per-backend value to be passed is the cancel
key, and seeing that this is going to be a problem for postmaster too, I
think we need to move in the direction of a separate fork/exec-only
shared memory segment that holds the pids and cancel keys for all the

I will update the Win32 TODO list to mention this issue in more detail.

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