> please find a small patch submission so that "pg_restore" ignores some sql
> errors.

Yeah, we've been talking about doing that for awhile.  But please define
"some errors" --- what do you ignore exactly?

+       if (AH->n_errors)
+               /* translator: %s stands for "error" or "errors" */
+               fprintf(stderr, _("warning: %d %s ignored on restore\n"), 
+                               /* translator: in sentence warning: 123 errors 
ignored... */
+                               AH->n_errors, AH->n_errors>1? _("errors"): _("error"));

Please read the message style guidelines: the above goes directly
against the advice for writing translatable messages.

Also, it might be wise to return a nonzero exit code when any errors are
ignored.  I'm not sure about that, but it might be best to err on the
side of caution...

                        regards, tom lane

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