Fabien COELHO said:
> Well, it means that you must decide a dump time if you may have to
> restore in an older version. I can guess why it eased the
> implementation, but it does not look good.

You want to be able to backup from version x to version y for some y<x? We
support upgrades, not downgrades. What doesn't look good about that?

Upgrading *does* look good - pg_dump understands older versions going back
quite some way, but it sensibly assumes that the dump will be restored
into a database running its version.

The main reason we allowed for disabling dollar quoting is that the
current CVS version fixes some other nasty problems, and people might wish
to use it in preference to the released 7.4 version, with which it is
otherwise compatible, before the next release, and 7.4 of course does not
understand dollar quoting.



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