Fabien COELHO wrote:
> Dear patchers,
> please find a small patch submission so that "pg_restore" ignores some sql
> errors.
> The implementation seems quite reasonnable to me, but pg-gods may have a
> different opinion. Two fields are added to the ArchiveHandler to trigger
> the behavior. A count summary of ignored sql errors is printed at the end
> of the restoration.
> I did not fixed the "set session auth" attempt as option "-O" can already
> be used to avoid it.
> It validates for me, but it seems that pg_dump/pg_restore is just *NOT*
> tested at all in the validation:-(. So at least I tested it.
> My tests suggest that a feature of pg_restore is that it is only expected
> to work with its own server. Indeed, it generates some new syntax, such as
> $$ quoting, which is not compatible with older servers. This fact does not
> seem to appear in the documentation.

I looked over the patch and it seems to continue on pg_restore errors by
default.  That isn't good.  By default, any error should make it exit

I can see value in having a flag that allows pg_restore to continue on
errors, particularly because only pg_restore can read binary dumps.  Do
folks get pg_restor failures frequently?  I sure hope not.

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