Tom Lane wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I looked over the patch and it seems to continue on pg_restore errors by
> > default.  That isn't good.  By default, any error should make it exit
> > loudly.
> I'm not sure of that.  pg_dump is really designed and tested for the
> case of text dump to a psql script, and if there is an error in the psql
> script, psql will print it out and continue.  In the cases I have seen
> where pg_restore operates differently from that paradigm, the pg_restore
> behavior of curling up and dying has *never* been the right thing.
> I haven't looked at the details of Fabien's patch, but I'm in agreement
> with the overall goal.

Oh, OK, so make it behave like pg_dump's text output piped into psql.

The patch is quite clean and just changes die to warn for pg_restore,
and reports the number of errors on completion.

The only thing that it needs is to change pg_restore so it returns a
non-zero error if there were any warnings printed.  I can make that
change easily.

I will add it to the patch queue.

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