Attached is an updated ALTER TABLE ... SET TABLESPACE patch.

It uses the block by block copy mechanism proposed by Tom and handles i)
ALTER TABLE <index> .... and ii) Copying of TOAST tables and the TOAST
table's index.

It doesn't handle copying of system tables (pg_largeobject) and, in the
interests of code reuse, the patch fiddles with the code used by CLUSTER.
This isn't great but I wanted to get a patch in before 1 July since I
think the feature is very important -- even for the first release.

Does this patch allow setting the tablespace of sequences as well? If so, then you will need to modify pg_dump of SERIAL sequences. Perhaps output a ALTER TABLE/SET TABLESPACE command after the CREATE TABLE definition to move the SERIAL sequence.

The same argument applies if it allows moving indexes. (Unique and Primary Keys)


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