Christopher Kings-Lynne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Sequences are too small to be worth moving around, and may someday be
>> reimplemented in a fashion that doesn't use up a separate disk file for
>> each one.  If we allow SET TABLESPACE on them we will be limiting our
>> future flexibility for no useful gain.

> Why do we allow them to be created in tablespaces in the first place 
> then?  Seems like a bit of a misfeature?  I mean we don't allow views in 
> tablespaces...

I had forgotten that the original patch allowed that.  Personally I'd
vote for taking it out, for the above-stated reasons --- any objections?

If people do want to have it then we can instead change ALTER SET
TABLESPACE to allow sequences; but we'd also need a nontrivial addition
to pg_dump, so there had better be a better reason than "might be nice
to have".

                        regards, tom lane

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