>> This patch along with the attached files (.tar.gz unpacks in src/)
>> adds VERSIONINFO to all binaries under win32. This is generally
>> considered a good thing
>Out of curiosity: Why?

Well, because it allows the user as well as other programs to identify
what version of a file is installed. For error-checking purposes (which
DLL version is really there? And debugger will also tell you which
version of the DLL is actually loaded in the process working space if yo
uhave more than one on your system), software distribution (all
installers are required to check this field to make sure they don't
overwrite a file with an older version), software inventory, the list
goes on.

>> Finally, the patch adds an elephant icon to psql.exe (so it'll go
>> nicely in the start menu for example). This icon was taken from Gavin
>> Roys postgresql artwork page (http://pgsql.gavinroy.com/art).
>Would it be possible to provide a scalable version of the logo in the 
>source code and generate the appropriate format from that at build 
>time?  I know, for example, that some Linux packages put psql in their 
>menu and might like an endorsed logo for that.  If we used, say, SVG 
>for that, we could also avoid storing more binary files in the source 
>tree.  (I have an SVG version of the elephant available, btw.)  We 
>could even provide a .desktop file.

I have no idea, actually. I don't know of any software that will do
this, but that certainly doesn't mean it exists. And I'm not enough of a
graphics guy to comment on if there would be issues with the convert
(quality-wise for example).

>Moreover, the file should be called psql.ico, not pgsql.ico.

Well, it is a general pgsql icon :-) But yes, since it's in the psql
directory it should probably be renamed. BTW, for those who aren't aware
- this file is never actually installed along with the binary. It's
statically linked into the binary at build time.


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