Magnus Hagander wrote:

Can't you localize this into a single build rule somewhere? And surely
we do not need to maintain a boilerplate .rc file for every executable.

There is a field in the RC file that is "file description". It's pretty
much different for every file. (There is also a "product description" in
there which is the same).

As for putting it in a single build rule - I don't know if that can be
done. I thought it over and didn't come up with a way, but there may be
other who are better at writing Makefiles... I guess a script could be
written that generates the file, but the per-binary information has to
be somewhere. Not sure how that method would be cleaner.

We would not need to generate it at all. Maybe something like this would work:

In the makefile, symlink each .rc file to the boilerplate version somewhere, and put a definition like this:

FILEDESC="\"whatever you like\""

and also conditionally include the *rc.o file in its objects list.

The rc file would, of course, have this line:

  VALUE "FileDescription",  FILEDESC or similar could define the build rule once, like

%.o: %.rc
windres -DFILEDESC=$(FILEDESC) $< -o $@ --include-dir=$(top_builddir)/src/include

I hope you get the idea.



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