>> This patch along with the attached files (.tar.gz unpacks in 
>src/) adds
>> VERSIONINFO to all binaries under win32.
>Ya know, this is the sort of invasive junk that I was afraid people
>would try to force on us for the Windows port :-(.

I fail to see how this is so invasive. And I definitly don't think it's
junk. But that's just me, I suppose (along with windows users, but "we"
clearly don't care much about them).

>Can't you localize this into a single build rule somewhere?  And surely
>we do not need to maintain a boilerplate .rc file for every executable.

There is a field in the RC file that is "file description". It's pretty
much different for every file. (There is also a "product description" in
there which is the same). 

As for putting it in a single build rule - I don't know if that can be
done. I thought it over and didn't come up with a way, but there may be
other who are better at writing Makefiles... I guess a script could be
written that generates the file, but the per-binary information has to
be somewhere. Not sure how that method would be cleaner.

>> Finally, the patch adds an elephant icon to psql.exe (so 
>it'll go nicely
>> in the start menu for example).
>You need a lot better reason than that to convince me to put a binary
>file into CVS.

Well, if someone can come up with a way to build an icon and link it
into the binary without any binary files, I'm all for it. We can of
course do without it, but it does make the win32 look very

I probably don't understand what the potential problems are with binary
files in cvs, because I don't quite see the issue...


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