I've attached a corrected patch, the postgresql.pc.in was missing.

On Sun, Aug 22, 2004 at 01:49:08PM -0400, Tom Lane wrote:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Czuczy Gergely) writes:
> > I've added a pkg-config script.
> > The "diff -rc -x configure from to" output is attached.
> Considering that this patch is lacking both the script itself, and any
> documentation, it's not got much hope of being accepted...
What kind of documentation does it need? i don't see.

> But before you run off to produce those things, I would suggest
> putting up a proposal on pghackers about what you want to do
> and why.  In particular, what problem are you solving that isn't
The most common way to get a package's libflags and cflags is the solution
that pkg-config offers. the problem with pg_config that it's not in the path,
it's place depends on the prefix, so to use it required an extra effort.
pkg-config is a standardized way to check for a package's libs and cflags.
The patch I've made adds the generation of this script, and extends the Makefiles
to install them. The place of this .pc (Pkg-Config) file is at /usr/lib/pkgconfig/,
but with the patch it can be altered with --with-pkgconfig-dir.
> already solved?
I haven't seen any pkg-config support in postgres, so, I've assumed
it hasn't been solved.

>                       regards, tom lane


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