> >>    o fix shared memory on Win2k terminal server
> >> 
> >>    We might be able to just mark this as not supported.
> >
> >I have attached a patch that I think fixes this. The problem I saw 
> >and fixed is, that the shmem created in a terminal services client is not 
> >visible to the console (or services.msc).
> Does this actually fix the problem for you?
> Because, as I have previously posted I think, it does *not* solve the
> problem on any of my test machines. I still get the shmget() error
> message when running from a TS session.

I think you are having another problem. 
I can create it here (with or without the patch). I am running 
W2000 5.00.2195 SP4. Maybe you are having a permissions problem? 
I am using a user with near Administrator privs.

> Also, I don't really see how the visibility of the shmem segment
> matters.

If it really does not matter, please don't apply my patch Bruce.
(still do the rename though please)

> We can't *create* the first instance of it, which should not
> affect this at all. And if we passed that, all backends are still
> execute in the same session, so there is no effect on it.

Yes it only matters if postmaster is started/trying to start from different 
TS Sessions. I think we need to determine global existance of the shm segment 
to get rid of old processes/segments.

> services.msc only interacts with the SCM, it has nothing at all to do
> with shmem.

I meant if "run as a service", which is the same TS session as the console.


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