[ CC'ing hackers to see if anyone else wants to weigh in ]

Tom Lane wrote:
Of course, the entire reason this didn't happen years ago is that we
couldn't agree on what keyword to use... you sure you want to reopen
that discussion?

Sure, it doesn't seem too difficult to settle to me.

I don't think changing UPDATE is a good idea.  It's consistent with
SELECT and people are used to it.

Fair enough, I can't get too excited about it either.

You could argue that something like

        DELETE FROM target [ { USING | FROM } othertables ] ...

is the best compromise.  Those who like consistency can write FROM,
those who don't like "FROM a FROM b" can write something else.

This would be fine with me. Are there any other opinions out there on what syntax would be best for this feature? (For those on -hackers, the feature in question is adding the ability to specify additional tables to "join" against in a DELETE, as can be done using FROM in UPDATE.)


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