> This patch simplified Win32 signaling code per discussion in 
> hackers. In this implementation, each process will have a 
> named (by its pid) mutex, named shared memory area and named 
> event in global namespace. The process is sending/receiving 
> signals as the following:
> (*) the process who kill the signal:
>  - Grab the named mutex, set signal bit in target process's 
> shared memory area and SetEvent(), then it is done;
> (*) the process who should receive the signal:
>  - the main thread of this process could be awakened by the 
> event from waiting status(like semop()) or 
> CHECK_FOR_INTERRUPTS() actively; -- there is no other threads 
> of the process;
> Details could be found in this thread and follows:
> http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-hackers/2005-05/msg01388.php

Looking at this patch reminds me of another discussion we had:

Signals sent by the postmaster *before the signaling code is running in
the child* has to be handled.

This is handled in the curernt code by creating the pipe in the
postmaster and then inheriting it. You'll need something similar in this
one - create the stuff in the postmaster and inherit it down. (this is
the initial_signal_pipe and pgwin32_create_signal_listener(), which you

Sorry, forgot to bring this up earlier because I had completely forgot
it. You'll find some details if you search the archives, I beleive.


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