Tom Lane wrote:
> "Andrew Dunstan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > This is what bothers me about having such an informal TODO list. There is a
> > danger that people will work in items only to have them shot down, which is
> > a great way to turn off developers. And there is also a danger that other
> > people will think that the todo item is likely to be accepted at some stage.
> I've complained to Bruce about that before --- there are a number of items
> on TODO that only one person thinks is a good idea.
> Perhaps some sort of [controversial] marker would be useful to warn
> people that the item needs more discussion before going off in a corner
> and trying to implement it.

Well, the item was added at the request of Peter Eisentraut and Martijn
van Oosterhout and took place on hackers.  The TODO addition was posted

Not sure what else can be done to improve this process. I will remove
the TODO item.

And our developer TODO has:

    <H3 id="item1.4">1.4) What do I do after choosing an item to
    work on?</H3>

    <P>Send an email to pgsql-hackers with a proposal for what you want
    to do (assuming your contribution is not trivial). Working in
    isolation is not advisable because others might be working on the asame
    TODO item, or you might have misunderstood the TODO item. In the
    email, discuss both the internal implementation method you plan to
    use, and any user-visible changes (new syntax, etc). For complex
    patches, it is important to get community feeback on your proposal
    before starting work. Failure to do so might mean your patch is

So I think we are covered there too.

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