Neil Conway wrote:
> I agree, but I think this is another symptom of having only one person
> maintain the list. It is a non-trivial amount of work to understand all
> the arguments in a complex -hackers thread and distill that into a few
> accurate sentences that summarize the consensus (if there even was
> one!). I'm not at all surprised when the TODO entry that results is
> incomplete or misleading if the person doing the summary wasn't one of
> the primary participants in the -hackers thread.

Why can't others modify the TODO list, or FAQ for that matter.  I get
patches for the later, but few for the former.

> Short of going to a wiki, I think we can at least make it easier for
> other committers to modify the TODO list. What format is doc/TODO in,
> anyway? (It doesn't seem to be normal plaintext.) Why is there also an
> HTML copy of the TODO list (doc/src/FAQ/TODO.html) kept in CVS? (I'd
> rather we not keep generated files in CVS, in general.)
> I think a concrete improvement would be to get rid of all that, and
> maintain a master copy of the TODO list in some sane format -- or
> failing that, DocBook :)

I replied to this in another email.

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