Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> > Why is the TODO list keep in the source code repository, anyway? One
> > alternative would be to move it to a wiki. That would allow other people
> > to contribute to maintaining the list, with less procedural overhead.
> > The GCC folks do this, for example: example:
> I agree with this. It would add visibility to what the direction of 
> PostgreSQL as well as put a friendly face on what the heck is 
> happening.
> I get a lot of calls that are basically, "What's coming in 8.2" Unless I 
> follow the lists it is not an easy bit of information to get. A wiki that had
> a page that said, "What's planned for 8.2!" or would be great!
> It would also be useful to see who has signed on as the lead or to work on 
> a particular subproject in case other developers would like to either lead 
> or help a lead on the project.
> I would request a vote interface but I think we would get to many 
> mysqlisms ;)

You are dreaming on this one.  Of our changes in any major release,
probably 40% are from the TODO list, and 60% are just patches submitted.
How does aomething even get on the TODO list from a patch?

To do what you want requires someone with technical knowlege to spend
serious time analyzing the CVS commits and digesting it into a web page.
I can be done, but it isn't the same purpose as the TODO list.

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