It would also be useful to see who has signed on as the lead or to work on
a particular subproject in case other developers would like to either lead
or help a lead on the project.

I would request a vote interface but I think we would get to many
mysqlisms ;)

You are dreaming on this one.

Man then all those other FOSS projects like (KDE/Mozilla) that do it must be sleeping through the whole development cycle.

 Of our changes in any major release,
probably 40% are from the TODO list, and 60% are just patches submitted.
How does aomething even get on the TODO list from a patch?

A bug/request tracker?

To do what you want requires someone with technical knowlege to spend
serious time analyzing the CVS commits and digesting it into a web page.

Not if the infrastructure is put in place to deal with it in the first place.

If a patch is accepted, when it is accepted a simple message that says:

Accepted for 8.2 + Adds capability to program VCR

Pretty much does everything we need.

I can be done, but it isn't the same purpose as the TODO list.

Actually it is. It is called overall project management and it is something that has come up here many times.

I guess I just don't understand why so many other projects larger then us and much smaller then us can do it, but we can't.

Here are some examples of some projects that have actual stated goals that are OSS:


We do, provide some feedback to what is going on from the website but the barrier is pretty high in comparison to these other websites. Not to mention how hard it is to figure out what bugs have been patched or haven't.


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