Bruce Momjian <> writes:
> Do we want this XML patch in the backend?  It needs syntax support so I
> don't see how it could be done in /contrib.  Attached.

I think this could easily be done as an external module if it didn't
insist on random additions to the function-call syntax.  AFAICS there
isn't anything there that couldn't be done without that.

No, I am sorry, it's cannot be external module. Or cannot be without losting functionality and elegance of SQL/XML. It's really depend on parser. People which generate XML from database used it. But not now, because PostgreSQL don't support it. But it's the moust faster way for generating XML files, 10x faster then PHP or Perl. Please look again on this patch. I am not sure about solution without ANSI compatibility.

Pavel Stehule

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