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It's odd, only 10 people have commented on this thread; 4 of which are
core members, 2 in favor and 2 against.  Yet, we're having an argument
on why this wasn't included.  Unless this is the new math, 2 vs. 2
seems like a tie to me.

Y'know I was gonna check up on that because my recollection was that it was a 
2/2 split as well, though I thought that was of people who made their view 
clear rather than just -core (whose opinion in this case is no more important 
than any of the other long time contributors imho). Don't suppose you noted the 
views of the other 6?

IIRC some of the rejection points, was the code:

1. Is not quite complete
2. Does not follow postgresql style guidelines

Those two items make it impossible to include Full disjunctions in core. I believe those two points were made by Tom but I can't find his response so if I am on crack -- I apologize in advance.


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