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1. Is not quite complete

Only because it wasn't merged into the core.  Which, like I said,
would be difficult to get consensus on design, grammar, and
implementation when it's a brand new and non-standard feature only a
few people understand.  I honestly don't think a project like that
would've ever gotten off the ground in -hackers.  Being a contrib
module makes it a bit more flexible and gives people the chance to try
it out; that way we'll see if it's worth merging into the core.  Think
of it as a Phase I of Full DIsjunctions... Phase II is a bit of a
redesign and merge into 8.3.

2. Does not follow postgresql style guidelines

This statement was not made.

I believe those two points were made by Tom but I can't find his
response so if I am on crack -- I apologize in advance.

One of the points, taken a little out of context, was made by Tom.

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