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> Bill Moran wrote:
> > 
> > Thanks to Simon Riggs and Bruce for input that helped me put this together.
> Please change things to save the stat() syscall when the feature is not
> in use.

Do you have a suggestion on how to do that and still have the PG_TRACE1()
work?  That was specifically requested by Simon Riggs.

I'm not at all familiar with how the PG_TRACE probes work, so I'd be
interested to hear suggestions on how to wrap that in an if.  If I remove
the PG_TRACE, it becomes a simple matter to skip the stat() if the feature
is disabled.

> Nitpick: also note our brace placement convention (though this would be
> fixed by pgindent, but still).

Sorry, I thought I _was_ following the convention.  Must have missed
something.  Is there a written style guide somewhere?  Might drive things
home a little better than just looking at other folks code.

Bill Moran
Collaborative Fusion Inc.

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