[reposting with gzipped patch]

Here is a patch further cleaning up dummy process startup and the
bootstrap code itself a little.

I've tested it manually giving erroneous input and it behaves in the
same ways as the original.  Of course, it still manages to bootstrap
normally and passes regression tests.

This patches removes a BOOTSTRAP_INCLUDE symbol from tcopprot.h, since
it seems to be useless.  It is about trying to avoid getting prototypes
for functions not needed in bootstrap, presumably because at some point
the bootstrap.c file did not have enough includes to be able to compile
those definitions cleanly, or maybe because it had conflicting
definitions.  But it now works without that.

I also took the liberty of renaming "xlog operation" into "dummy process
type", since that's what really the things are.  I assume it was named
"xlog operation" back when the xlog code was written with the idea of
extending it into different xlog ops.  But we haven't had any.

I think this is as far as I'll go with cleaning up this code in this
round.  Task for some other janitor ...

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The PostgreSQL Company - Command Prompt, Inc.

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